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Meet The New Fitbit Watches & Trackers The Fitbit Versa Lite & Fitbit Inspire: Fitbit Review and Comparisons (2019)

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Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa:

Fitbit Versa Lite:

Fitbit Inspire:

Fitbit Versa Screen Protector and Versa Lite:

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Meet The New Fitbit Watches & Trackers | Versa Lite & Inspire (2019). In this video, Jeff covers everything you should know about the newest Fitbit fitness watches and activity trackers. He talks about expected battery life, fitness tracking, activity tracking and the heart rate monitor. He also discusses waterproofing, on-screen workouts and apps, music and notifications. You can bet Jeff will be following up with a full Fitbit Versa lite review and Fitbit Inspire review but what he doesn’t cover is the best fitbit screen protector for your Fitbit which van be found at FitnesswearHQ.

The Versa Lite Edition is the more complete package than the Fitbit Inspire, since it has an extra SpO2 sensor on the back of the tracker. The sensor can in theory be used to measure future features like pulse oxygen or breathing interruptions while sleeping, but Fitbit hasn’t made those features accessible yet. Soon hopefully.

The Fitbit Versa Lite is more or less a clone of the original Fitbit Versa smartwatch, which came out last March. The main difference you’ll notice between the  devices is that the Versa Lite only has one button, while the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Special Edition have three; one on their left side and two on their right.

The only visual difference between the two watches is the buttons: The Fitbit Versa has three and the Versa Lite has one. It’s a simple change that actually improves on the Versa’s navigation, and speaks to Fitbit’s philosophy for its new low-cost model: Less doesn’t have to be worse.

Fitbit Versa VS. Fitbit Versa Lite

In fact, none of the missing features in the Versa Lite are central to the experience and close to the Fitbit Versa, and for most buyers the decision between the two models will be an easy one. Read more about lucky pants casino. Unlike the choice between a 3rd– and 4th-gen Apple Watch or even Fitbit’s own Inspire and Inspire HR, the differences between the Versa and Versa Lite give the two watches their own identity without crippling the experience for buyers on a budget.

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